Five Places to Look for Yoga on Youtube

These ‘Five things’ lists I can see are going to become a thing for me. As a follow up to last weeks post on Why Not to Dismiss Yoga (Link here) I thought I would give some tips on the best Yoga youtubers to check out.

I am more or less entirely self taught on yoga from following these videos, and they’re a really good place to start if you’re feeling nervous about going to a physical class. They also only cost as much as your wifi, which is pretty good.

Here we go:

5. BadYogi
Not a huge catalogue of videos on here just yet, but Erin Motz can be found on other areas of youtube. A good yoga youtuber for beginners, with lots of short explanatory videos and quick flows that you can do alone or with others for a longer session. The great thing about Bad Yogi is the attitude of the channel, Erin understands frustration, failure etc, and really embraces it – almost poking fun at the people who take yoga (and maybe even life) too seriously. Definitely one to check out.

Yoga with Adriene
This is great channel for beginners. Adriene is chatty, accessible and funny. She is very gentle coaxing you into the poses, bringing a lightheartedness to the flows. She has lots of videos to chose from, some of my favorites are the ones for headaches and nausea, which can be quite difficult to find. She is undoubtedly a firm favourite in the Yoga youtube community. She is also doing a 30 Day Yoga Camp to break you into the New year.

3. Kathleen Holm
This is channel that hasn’t been used for while, but if you want some good, comprehensive short flows – this is the place to go. Often when I am rushed for time, but still want a little flow this is the place to go. Kathleen Holm has some fantastic 20 minute well-rounded yoga flows which are the perfect length if you are short on time – I often find that the 10 minute flows on other channels are just too short. With Kathleen Holm you only have one video to watch. All have a very rapid start, so be prepared, and wack your volume up high as the videos all seem to be really quiet – but this is a really good, underrated channel.

2. Ekhart Yoga
Esther Ekhart was the first yoga youtuber I found, and was my favourite for many years. Unfortunately she has stopped doing her longer classes on youtube, but she does now have a subscription site if you want more of her work. She has a lovely, calming voice, a patient manner of explaining and several good short flows, with some other shorter videos explaining specific poses. A great thing about her channel is the abundance of yoga professionals appearing on it, so there is always someone new. The short meditation classes with Esther Teule are really lovely and there are loads to chose from.

1. Fightmaster Yoga
Relatively new to youtube but has a massive catalogue of videos thanks to the 90 days of yoga she did early last year. Lesley is really lovely, working on donations to help expand the channel and maintaining her philosophy that free yoga will create a better world. I wholeheartedly agree. Her channel is perhaps geared to more intermediate yogis, but is definitely accessible for beginners and is a great channel to challenge yourself with. I love her flows with arm balances – my favourites (still working on the inversions though)! Like Esther she has a calm and soothing voice, and a real openness about her yoga journey which is lovely. Definitely check her out – this year she is doing a month of yoga classes for beginners which I put a link to last week.

This is by all means not all of the yoga youtubers (yogatubers?) out there, these are only some that I use regularly, If you have any other suggestions, please leave a comment.



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