Empties – Rimmel Exaggerate Lipliner in Eastend Snob

So, I hate watching long empties videos – I think it is ridiculous to look through other people’s rubbish. Howver, i do think that finishin g a product gives you a definitive feeling of whether or not you liked it. Therefore, as I finish products I will write mini reviews on each one.

So, without further ado, I finished the Rimmel Exaggerate Lipliner in Eastend Snob…

I have several feelings on the subject – this is a product I have had for years, but rarely used. However, after a few weeks of using the product I ran out fairly rapidly, suggesting that actually there isn’t much product actually in the pencil.

I do, however, like the fact that this is a twist up pencil. I, without fail, always ruin liners by sharpening them – i don’t even know how I do it! Therefore, the fact that this does not require a massacre by pencil sharpener, is a definite plus.

In terms of the colour: it is pretty, and paired with a clear gloss, it creates a nice custom lip gloss (which I mentioned in a post a few weeks ago), however, I do feel like it is perhaps a little too pink. This is completely subjective, and obviously preferential, but at the moment, I am definitely into more brown based colours.

Overall, I can definitely see myself buying this again as it is a good product, and a nice shade. I would definitely look into getting different colours as well.

Note: these types of ‘reviews’ are still in flux, but are likely to be more anecdotal than an in depth review.


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