Who I am and Why I’m here


Hi, I’m Jess.

As a challenge to myself last new year I said I wanted to write a blog, once a week for one year – and I’m halfway there!

At the time, I had no major plans over what the content should be – I tried beauty blogging (not for me), I tried blogging about my life (very boring). At the moment I seem to be forming some compromise between all of my interests, and, after writing some articles for my student newspaper, I discovered that I like to write reviews and opinion pieces, and I like to write them on anything that strikes my fancy.

So right now, I’m just blogging about things that interest me. My background is in Film studies, so I write a lot about films, but I’m interested in video games, literature, heritage and culture, yoga, and, occasionally, makeup. Welcome to my smorgasbord. Grab a bite of everything while you’re here.

Going forward, I hope to make my blog something that people actually read and comment on (big goals, man), hopefully to make some friends and, ultimately, to find my voice some more.

What are your goals with blogging? What made you start?


5 thoughts on “Who I am and Why I’m here

    • I think a lot of people struggle, and quite often the advice for blogs is to stick to one thing you love – I’m still trying to figure out what that ‘one thing’ is for me! I’m sure you’ll find the content from somewhere, we’ve just got to keep going 🙂

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