Giant Thoughts

I am terrible for worrying over everything and having build up so much that I break down, which was something I attempted to address in my silly little limerick  which I wrote in response to the poetry challenge (which I am horribly behind on by the way), I was thinking about how I need to be looking at being more forgiving to myself. There was a good response to this and it made me think about how I should be implementing the moral lesson in that poem in my life.

Yesterday, for example, I had a driving lesson and I made a few mistakes. Another day (indeed, the day before) I spent so long berating myself that I made more mistakes and eventually got myself into such a panic that the lesson became a bit of a waste. Yesterday, I remember saying to myself, “forgive and move on” which I grappled with to begin with but eventually managed it. But it wasn’t easy, and my natural inclination is to berate myself.

Another thing that happened today was feeling like a total idiot at work. I felt like a spare part, like no one liked me, like I was lost. I got the train feeling rubbish and cried when I got home. These little thoughts are the ones that become giant, and whilst I can notice the thoughts approaching now, what I struggle with is knowing when to stop it and how to.

I don’t have answers in this post, but I guess I wanted to ask how others deal with these ‘giant thoughts’ – the ones that start out tiny and, like a snowball, gather until they become an avalanche and overwhelm you. What are your techniques?

(Note: This is a very different post for me, one that was written solely in response to the WordPress Prompt. I’d be interested to see what the response is, as I had previously made a decision not to talk about stress/anxiety etc.)



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