Nanowrimo – The end

So Nanowrimo ended last week, and as it was my first attempt at it I thought I would share a few thoughts.



Firstly, it is very difficult to motivate yourself when you don’t like your novel and there is a culture in Nano that ‘any words are good words’ – after all, it is all about word count. I think, to make this work practically, you need to be flexible. For me, this meant writing ANYTHING – something which I only figured out later in the month. Once I let myself abandon the original novel (which clearly needs rethinking and/or scrapping) I felt happier about the whole process. So, my tip – find flexibility within the process and create your own goals – mine was to write everyday, which I did. I’ll aim bigger next year.

Secondly, Nano can take over your life if you are attempting to actually win. If you are not aiming to win and have other things to do it is really difficult to make the time, or indeed, the word count, so you need to judge it by how much time you are willing/able to make. Next year, I would aim to prepare more in advance.

Thirdly, writing buddies can be a little like a ‘fair weather’ friend. I admit, I was a fair weather writing buddy, I think I only spoke to him once – before we started.  I was part of a facebook group which was incredibly supportive; I don’t use facebook very often but when I did go on there it was a really lovely community. So writing buddies are important – stay in contact.

Hopefully now Nano is over I can get back to focussing on my blog. I found it difficult to balance doing Nano along with everything else and as a result, I seem to have ground to a halt so far in December – which is frustrating and I’m trying to get myself back on the waggon again. I think, in future I need to pace myself, not only with Nano, but with everything – I bundled a load of things into November that I barely had time for and, weirdly, I managed to balance them last month but so far have done nothing this month which I am finding annoying. But all in all, Nano was a good experience and next year I will be more prepared.


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