Sherlock Season 4: The Final Thoughts

Now that the much-anticipated Sherlock has come to an end, I want to gather my thoughts about it. As you may be able to tell from previous posts, I am a fan of Sherlock and I was truly looking forward to the series…

I really enjoyed it, on the whole, but I felt like it became a totally different creature this series than in previous seasons. It became more of an action film, even a horror film at times, than a detective story. I think this was only natural as the characters grew and more characters were added  -the existence of Mary was perhaps the main starting point which grew with the introduction of Eurus (women change the genre? hmmm). The effectiveness of Eurus as a villain remains to be seen in my opinion- the final episode, her episode, seemed to become a Saw film rather than a Sherlock episode. Whilst I fully admit that I enjoyed watching it, I was captivated, it was a different thing than I was expecting and felt a little too ‘out there’ at times.

But is this just the way a modern Sherlock would be? Maybe he can’t be contained in one genre any longer. Would a modern private detective be a different mode than those classic stories, having to be more aware of assassins, helicopters, bombs, terror, and the dreaded secrets of the British government? Maybe. I think they got away with it, anyway.

My other complaint with the final episode was a lack of consistency – for instance,  why was John suddenly able to be pulled out of a well by a rope, when previously we were told his feet were tied to the floor? It is as if the episode ran out of time. And, frankly, I remain a little confused about whether Euros actually did all those things or not, and why she was locked up again (any thoughts anyone? Was I the only one that missed it?).


On a more positive note, expecially as I do not wish to be damning – the acting was, as always, phenomenal. Aside from Cumberbatch and Martin, Sian Brooke who played Eurus was beautifully creepy and Moriarty’s (Andrew Scott) cameo – sublime, and I think the creators did well to make sure he remained dead but use his presence to taunt the audience. I love the way this series has a dialogue with its fanbase! I also have to mention my two favourites: Mrs Hudson (Una Stubbs) and Mycroft (Mark Gatiss), wonderful as always.

Despite the plot holes and bizarre departure from the detective genre, I enjoyed the spectacle and the series was captivating to watch. WiIl they do another series? The conclusiveness of the final episode suggests not and it was a fitting, if indulgent, end. But some sources say that Moffat has drafted a fifth series and as they managed to whittle down the character list again to “two blokes in Baker st” (and a baby – doesn’t that sound like a sitcom?) they have the potential of doing a few episodes rewinding it back to the original concept. The creators managed to leave it so the series doesn’t need more added to it, but they could if they really wanted to. I’d be interested to see where this goes, and no matter what I will always be a Sherlock fan.


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