Putting a spring in your step

Things I add into my routine to feel a little more springy…

Makeup. Lighter brighter eyes and lips. Coral, my fairweather friend, who often brightens but equally as often makes me look my mother makes a tentative reappearance around spring until I decide whether or not I can pull it off.


Nails. Similar to eyes and lips, pales, pastels and brights emerge. Standard stuff.

Skincare. It is during these transitional periods that my skin starts to act up. At the moment I am really liking the new(ish) L’Oreal Clay masks. I have the purifier, which looks like a ‘green face and rollers’ stock photo when you put it on. My skin felt pretty good and fresh after using it, not too dry which is fantastic from a clay mask. You can tell it is working as you can literally see stuff coming out of your pores….it was strangely satisfying…

Lent. Chocolate. Cake. Biscuits – spring cleaning my body (as it were). Although, I am already finding bad things to replace the bad things I’ve given up. Doesn’t the mind marvel?!

A spring clean. This weekend I spent Saturday emptying out my closet and trying to decide what to keep and what to give away. I was interrupted half way through and now live in piles of old clothes, but we are getting somewhere!

Spring jackets. Leather jackets remain a staple but I like slightly softer colours for day time. My beloved white H&M jacket, now complete with black marks all down the back, remains a favourite (similar here) and my blue jacket, also H&M is a wardrobe staple alongside my green shirt jacket (similar here) and my grey waterfall jacket. I just love jackets, ok?

Floral tops. Obviously this is a massive trend right now, and I’m really impressed by the Marks and Spencer collection. I bought this top in the 20% off event the other week and I think it captures the trend perfectly.

Ruffles. Whilst this is another trend, this is one I feel can be quite difficult to pull off.Ii found the most beautiful top in Topshop last week combining both florals and ruffles – i’ve worn it twice already. I looove it.

These are all trivial things that I love, but how does your mood improve in spring? I love the extra light! What do you add into your routine to put that spring in your step?