23 things I have learned in 23 years




I saw ThePearlylife do this for her 20th birthday, and I thought it was not only a fantastic idea but that she appeared very wise…. I’m not sure how wise I appear at 23, heaven knows there is still a long way to go but these are a few of the things I have learned in 23 years on earth:

  1. You have a personal responsibility to yourself, to making yourself happy and taking care of yourself. People won’t do it for you.
  2. Anger isn’t necessarily bad, but it should be deployed correctly.
  3. Being friendly isn’t always easy, but it is usually worth it.
  4. Bravery is a rare, but necessary trait.
  5. Bravery comes in different forms.
  6. Being alone is easy, opening yourself to others is what is difficult.
  7. Nothing ventured, nothing gained – in other words, always ask.
  8. Everyone is insecure, but it will always feel isolating. Try to remember that is isn’t.
  9. Exercise is worth it when you find the right type for you.
  10. Make up for ‘glasses wearers’ is bullsh*t. Wear makeup. Wear glasses. End of.
  11. You can’t please everyone.
  12. Don’t compare yourself to others, it’s poison.
  13. Blaming others is easy, if not always right.
  14. Decisions stack – one does not override another and you shouldn’t glorify the other decision because you will always wonder about the other choice.
  15. Cynicism is funny. Sorry, but it is. Although, I do concede to needing a bit of positivity every now and again….
  16. Your clothes represent who you are, don’t wear something you don’t like to prove something.
  17. Try your hardest at everything, so if nothing else you can always look back and say that you gave it your all.
  18. Don’t give up, even if it is tempting, and if you think giving up is proving something, it really isn’t.
  19. People don’t think about you as much as you think they do.
  20. Be nice to yourself. You’re the only thing you will ever always have.
  21. Having friendly colleagues is what will make or break a job
  22. Listening to your gut is really difficult, but if you can hear it over the sound of your brain whirring away – try and trust it.
  23. Things will be ok in the end.

I am determined to make 23 the best year yet – there’s a pledge for you – I want to do my best to find out more about myself and to be a little braver; conquer some fears. Let’s see what the year ahead brings and I can bring a little extra wisdom to the table this time next year.



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