Since I last wrote I…


  • Tried to exercise more.
  • Made a pact to travel more and…
  • …booked a trip to Amsterdam!
  • ….and am planning a trip to Prague (fingers crossed!)
  • Saw two old university friends
  • Contemplated my¬†life thus far. No comment.
  • Read The Golem and the Djinni by Helene Wecker – amazing!
  • Watched all seasons of American Horror Story on Netflix. Freak Show is my favourite.
  • Missed New York like nothing else. Take me back.
  • Finished a pack of Almond M&Ms. Why are they not available in the UK??
  • Worried about my weight.
  • Bought a new shirt with cats on and some dinosaur earrings. Why am I still single?
  • Downloaded spotify. Lifechanger.
  • Still have not downloaded¬†dating app (why is it so hard to meet someone in real life?!)
  • Went on a university open day with my sister (so weird! I want to do undergrad again!)
  • Voted in the general election. Sigh.
  • Tried to get back into poetry and blogging
  • ….And continued plodding on the path of life. What about you?