Intro to Poetry Day 5: Imperfect Limerick

There was once a person who wasn’t perfect

And thought that her life wasn’t worth it

She cried and cried

And then realised

Life is only the journey you make it.


(I could do with listening to this one to be honest)


Face: The Forced Smile

A very quick response to today’s challenge on the Introduction to Poetry Course. The goal was to use alliteration and the prompt was Face – I wanted something short with experimentation of different sounds, a mixture of sibilance and plosive sounds to show the strained aspect of the smile. This isn’t my most cheerful one…


Eyes that ache

From forceful smile

Strained struggle steers tears streaming

Lips twitch trained to stay wide

Teeth shine with saliva –

It makes others uncomfortable to see.

But, I guarantee,

they are not nearly as uncomfortable as me.


The truth is this:

We smile to make others happy

Not ourselves.

21/10/16, SnarkyOverload